Sunrise Dermatology & Procedure Conference

October 11 – 12, 2024

Hilton Clearwater Beach Hotel, Florida

Learn Dermatology in a
Collaborative Environment at the
Sunrise Dermatology & Procedure Conference


Immense Networking Opportunities

Our program offers extensive networking opportunities, providing participants with a range of ways to connect with other professionals and build meaningful relationships, learn from each other and grow their circle.

Welcoming Learning Environment

In our program, we strive to foster a strong sense of community and collaboration through an intimate and inclusive learning environment that is tailored to welcome and support participants from diverse backgrounds.

Teaching Best Practices In Dermatology

Our educational program places emphasis on best practices in dermatological procedures, ensuring that participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide the highest level of care to their patients with confidence.

Elevate your practice of dermatology at Sunrise.

Join Sunrise Dermatology & Procedure Conference as we do a deep dive into medical and procedural dermatology led by a faculty of your peers.

Our Mission

“Sunrise NPPA Derm is committed to providing quality continued education with dermatology focus for nurse practitioners and physicians assistants. Established in 2020, Sunrise works with local dermatology and education experts to help forge a solid foundation for not only new NPs and PAs in derm, but continued growth for experts as well.”

Sunrise believes in partnership

Sunrise also partners with local and national NP and PA organizations such as the Florida DNA and Diversity in Dermatology cases, new skills, and knowledge with each other.

We Value Our Sponsors

Stay Ahead in Dermatology!